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Wholesale FAQs

Find all of our wholesale frequently asked questions here.
Still need help?
Feel free to contact us with your query, we’re always happy to help.

Is there a minimum required spend amount ?

Yes, £99 

Any orders placed below this amount will not be processed; we will contact you to see if you'd like to increase your order size, or offer you a refund.

Do your products come with labels?

We do not label each of the products ourselves. Instead, you have the option when buying to choose 'with labels' or 'without labels' to best suit your selling platform.

With labels = you will receive ingredient labels for each product in your selection, ready for you to attach when needed.

By using these labels, you do not need to add anything extra and you are ready to sell. You may choose however to add your business logo sticker onto the product elsewhere or to any extra gift bags.

Without labels = no labels will be provided. It is your responsibility to meet with the legal labelling requirements. You can choose to make your own labels: these must include ingredient information & also the makers details ( so made by Dirty Dog in small text somewhere would cover that. ).

What Size labels do i need?

The sizes of the labels i use on the products I'll list below.

Shampoo Bars:65mm (wide)x70mm (height)

Spray labels:125mm (wide) x90mm (height)

Balm Labels:60mm x 60mm circle

How much is postage?

Postage is a flat rate of £12.50 for UK mainland postage.

Do I need insurance to sell?

We do hold all relevant assessments and insurances, I recommend you obtain your own public liability insurance. You would need this if you were to retail & attend markets & events.  There are situations that we are out of your control, For example, you are at a market selling our products on your stall. A customer trips on your table leg and decides to take it legally. As there is nothing at fault here with our products, we wouldn't be able to help. This is where your own insurance would step in.

It's also handy for if you are holding stock and should anything damage your stock (flood/fire/theft), your insurance can help you recover this.

What is the RRP?

This can vary!  

I can provide you with a guide but ultimately its up to you what you charge & how big you feel you can make those profit margins, depending on your area, customer base, selling platforms and local competition.

You are welcome to sell at any price you think best suits your business.

This may require some adjustment & I would recommend starting with this as a guidline and adjust as you see fit. 

The RRPs below are what i currently use for Retail:

Bars: £5.60

Luxury Bars:£6-£6.50

Freshen up sprays: £6.99

Conditioner sprays: £9.50


Using rep/discount codes & special offers can also be beneficial in bringing a little excitement and reward to your customers.

Are the products wrapped & how to store?

The products will arrive in biodegradable wrapping & should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.  Once opened they should be used within 12 months.

Is there a VAT charge?

There is currenty no extra vat charges.

Samples, can I get free samples to try before I buy?

We do not offer free products, however you can access single products (with no minimum spend) here

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